Stainless Steel Letters 30 cm-Store Sign (Modern)

Our Stainless Steel Letters are ideal for signs Store, buildings and outdoor signage.

Our Letters are made of 100% stainless steel : it is convenient for outdoor and indoor use.

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Ideal stainless steel letters for signs Store, buildings and outdoor signage.

Our Letters are made of 100% stainless steel. They are therefore ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

Each letter has a brushing end on the surface to be exposed to allow a nice play of light on their surface that enhances your message and draws the eye.

With a height of 30 cm, our letters are ideal as metal signs letter for your store or business. They are also used for outdoor signs buildings or external signage buildings (letters to indicate the name of a building). They can also be used in interior design to provide industrial and raw spirit to your home (like giant letters for a loft for example).

Finally, with a thickness of 1mm, you get a letter giving you the expected stiffness of a metal part and a light relief that leaves no doubt that we are dealing with a truly letter made with metal and not a mere imitation.

4 mounting kits available: paste, clip, tape or magnetize your letters

We offer 4 types of fixing:

Fixation with embossed stem clip in your area. This is the ideal attachment for your signs. They bring an important new dimension to your letters since the rods are 24mm in length. The concept of attachment is simple and consists of two elements: a male element which is clipped into a female end that is screwed onto the surface to welcome your letters. We seal the back of each letter male rods: it therefore remains to fix the female ends to the desired location and snap your stainless steel letters for a sustainable and secure attachment. And unlike fixing solutions sealed with glue, you can always unclip them in a few months or years for reuse elsewhere!

Fixing with the double scotch 3M VHB. This is the more economic and efficient fixing solution. The supplied tape is a powerful industrial tape usable indoors but also outdoors on a clean and flat surface. You will receive your letters with the tape already positioned and glued on your stainless steel letters. You just have to remove the protective film to stick your letters directly to your area.

Fixing with stainless steel screws. Your letters are pre-drilled and supplied with everything needed to set apart from the drill and screwdriver! You will have all the 3 mm screw diameter and concrete anchors / brick / suitable hard surface. Obviously, all screws are stainless steel to avoid degrading your letters because you do not mix stainless steel with another metal!

The magnetic attachment. For this solution, we seal the back of your letters cubic magnets. It remains for you to approach your letters of your ferrous surface and presto, your letters stick to your surface. By cons, unlike the previous 3 solutions, the magnetic attachment is only suitable for indoor use

Data sheet
Letter K30 cm x 15 cm
Letter M30 cm x 20,2 cm
Letter F30 cm x 11,4 cm
Letter O30 cm x 14,6 cm
Letter H30 cm x 14,4 cm
Letter A30 cm x 16,2 cm
Letter Q30 cm x 12,2 cm
Letter J30 cm x 12,2 cm
Letter C30 cm x 13,2 cm
Letter L30 cm x 10,8 cm
Letter E30 cm x 11,2 cm
Letter N30 cm x 14,6 cm
Letter G30 cm x 14,6 cm
Letter P30 cm x 13,8 cm
Letter I30 cm x 4,6 cm
Letter B30 cm x 14 cm
Letter R30 cm x 14,6 cm
Letter D30 cm x 14,6 cm
Letter S30 cm x 14,6 cm
Letter T30 cm x 14,2 cm
Letter U30 cm x 14,2 cm
Letter V30 cm x 16 cm
Letter W30 cm x 24,6 cm
Letter X30 cm x 15,4 cm
Letter Y30 cm x 16,6 cm
Letter Z30 cm x 14 cm

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